Our goal is to nurture compassionate and principled future leaders, equipping them to courageously confront the ever-evolving world and its complexities. We are dedicated to creating an empowering environment that enhances our students' academic, technological, social, and emotional capabilities.


Our mission is to foster an environment that instills strong moral and ethical values in our students, shaping them into compassionate and virtuous individuals.

We aim to empower them by honing their cognitive abilities, including critical thinking and problem-solving skills, to effectively navigate present and future challenges.

We provide ample resources and training to enhance their academic proficiency, and technological aptitude, and harness their unique creative potential.

Above all, we aspire to guide them towards a path of self-realization and liberation, allowing them to fully discover and embrace their true selves.

Presenting the Key Values of CLGWS

  • Respect: Our school upholds the value of respect, promoting a culture of mutual respect among students, staff, and the broader community. We foster an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and kindness.
  • Radiance: We believe in radiating positivity and enthusiasm in all aspects of school life. Our students are encouraged to shine brightly, embracing their unique talents and contributing to a vibrant and dynamic school community.
  • Responsibility: Instilling a sense of responsibility is vital in our school. We encourage our students to take ownership of their actions, show accountability for their choices, and contribute positively to their own growth and the well-being of others.
  • Resilience: Developing resilience is a core value at our school. We equip our students with the skills and mindset to face challenges, setbacks, and adversity with strength and determination. We believe that resilience is a key ingredient for personal growth and success.
  • Righteousness: Upholding the principles of righteousness is fundamental in our school community. We cultivate a sense of integrity, fairness, and ethical conduct among our students, guiding them to make morally upright decisions and act with honesty and compassion.

By effectively communicating these values, we aim to create a school environment that nurtures character development, fosters positive relationships, and empowers our students to become responsible global citizens.