Social Outreach

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others and small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

Community service has been a way of life at C L Gupta World School since its inception and specific programs have been created to help develop students into socially-aware citizens who understand the importance of serving others. The students learn the value of giving back and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their actions impact the community.

A social out-reach programme like visiting an orphanage/old age home is held once per academic session and is complemented by regular opportunities for service work in collaboration with Rotary Club, Moradabad. Community service is also an important component of the school curriculum, where particular causes are selected to focus the students’ stewardship.

The act of student volunteering influences the self of the selfless.

C L Gupta World School through this platform aims to have each child experiences:

  • Value in the Act: The most precious gift that comes back is self-satisfaction amongst the volunteers. The act itself brings about a feeling of having given back to the society you belong.
  • Personal & Social Development: It is common to see students volunteering in groups, working as teams and developing strong bonds with other caregivers as well as the care receivers. Witnessing the problems of a community enhances one’s emotional intelligence, pull one’s compassion strings for the less fortunate, and surface appreciation for one’s own fortunes. Community volunteering is a grounding experience and for the young, it has the potential to shape the adult individuals they become.
  • An Effective Student profile: one of the highly valued determinants of a strong application. It is because such an experience goes way beyond its altruistic motivation.

The school constantly focusesto take a strong turn towards a better society and give back to it with no strings attached.