CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

"The one who achieves purity through dedicated practice of 'karma-yoga' seeks the inner truth and enlightenment."- Bhagavad Gita

Imparting knowledge, nurturing values, and promoting self-discipline have consistently shaped our nation into what we aspire it to be. CLGWS is a small yet significant step towards this goal. With a global perspective on education, while retaining the essence of Indian values, we aim to empower children with the skills needed to thrive in a holistic environment.

Our primary focus is to lay a strong foundation for our students, enabling them to confidently confront life's challenges and become masters of their destinies.

CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

Mr. Ajay Gupta


CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

Education is a liberating force, and the essence of progress lies in the freedom of the mind. Recognizing the importance of equal opportunities for girls and boys, we have ventured into education with the establishment of C L Gupta World School.

Like you, we believe in providing holistic education to your child, encompassing academics, co-curricular activities, sports education, and life skills. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and internationally recognized educational standards are the first steps in creating an exceptional learning environment.

Our sprawling campus, well-equipped halls, sports facilities, and academic resources are a testament to our commitment. We lay great emphasis on the selection and development of our faculty, providing continuous teacher training to ensure value-based education and academic excellence.

Our teachers are not only trained to deliver quality education but also inspire and build trust in their students, serving as role models. The school instills in students a sense of respect for tradition and enforces discipline and good manners.

In our modern and well-appointed school kitchen, we provide nutritious, balanced meals prepared under strict personal supervision. CLGWS encourages students to explore their own identities and the ever-changing world around them. We offer support and guidance as they develop decision-making skills and social competence.

Creating a liberal and diverse environment, CLGWS nurtures creativity and empowers students to realize their full potential. We warmly welcome your active interest and involvement in your child's progress and activities, and we look forward to your support. We invite the parent community of Moradabad and its vicinity to join hands with us in discovering and nurturing the hidden talents within their children.

CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

Ms. Jyoti Gupta
(Managing Director)


CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

"Leadership is intertwined with learning and teaching. A leader is not only a lifelong learner but also a skilled educator. By fostering independence, we cultivate the mindset required to become future global citizens and leaders."

True independence is an attitude that transcends judgment. It means looking beyond surnames and embracing the richness of diversity. It means valuing a person's smile over their appearance. It means listening to the opinions of others, regardless of their age. By breaking free from imagined boundaries, we empower young minds to reach their full potential.

To shape a better tomorrow, children must take small yet significant steps towards sustainable development. At our school, we offer support rather than strict guidance. We believe in empowering students to walk alongside us without needing constant assistance. Our goal is to make ourselves unnecessary and redundant as students gain the confidence to walk their own paths and surpass their own expectations. This, we believe, is how we make a true difference in their lives.

To unleash the creative potential of our students, we have introduced the school magazine. This publication serves as a platform for communication, showcasing the success and achievements of our students. It provides insights into their thoughts and expressions through various forms of creativity. Our children have left an indelible mark on the journey so far, and our school has earned a distinct place in the realm of education.

Quality is of utmost importance to us. Through writings and drawings, we aim to reflect the kaleidoscope of learning, adventures, creativity, and positive attitudes that define our young minds. This effort by our students serves as a stepping stone toward the numerous milestones we strive to achieve in the pursuit of excellence.

Educational technology has permeated all aspects of life, and we embrace its integration throughout our classrooms to enhance the quality of learning. By adopting modern teaching strategies, offering enrichment opportunities, acknowledging diverse learning styles, and fostering a culture of academic support, we create a unique learning community. Our focus is to nurture autonomous learners who can recognize and pursue their dreams and talents with passion. We provide an environment that encourages the development of their strengths, creativity, and spontaneity. Our classrooms are designed to be meaningful and effective, leveraging resources such as smart classes, well-equipped laboratories, language labs, and computer facilities for an enjoyable learning experience.

Furthermore, we enrich our curriculum with a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These initiatives enable students to take independent initiatives, enhance their creativity, express themselves confidently, and gain self-assurance. With a child-centric approach, we equip our students with the skills to navigate their present circumstances effectively, empowering them to face the future with unwavering confidence.

Our achievements in sports, games, expressive arts, and creative endeavors are integral to our comprehensive education. We consider ourselves part of a larger family and community, fostering social awareness, thoughtful interactions, effective communication, and overall well-being among students, parents, staff, and neighbors.

Dreams come to fruition when they are pursued not only by the dreamer but also by the multitude who stand to benefit. If we can transform every student who enters our school into a leader capable of making a positive difference, into a global citizen devoid of biases, then we have truly fulfilled our purpose. Therefore, I firmly believe in the words of Nelson Mandela: 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.'"

CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

Mrs. Savita Singh