"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way." - John Maxwell
Investiture ceremony is not just entitling responsibilities to the elected students, it is the celebration of potential, the recognition of capability and the commitment to a journey of growth and excellence. It is to display teamwork, communication, decision making and wise leadership.

C L Gupta World School School Cabinet Session 23-24

3 Sports Captain – Boy NABEEL KHAN
4 Sports Captain – Girls ASHINI SAXENA
5 Add. Sports Captain ARHAM ALAM
6 Vice Sports Captain - Boy; MADHAV VASHISHT;
7 Vice Sports Captain - Girl TANISHA GUPTA
8 Discipline Captain - Boy BHARAT AGARWAL
9 Discipline Captain - Girl BHOOMI SINGH
10 Vice – Discipline Captain - Boy MOHD. ATEEB
11 Vice – Discipline Captain - Girl DIVA RASTOGI
12 Asst. Discipline Captain - Boy TANISH GARG
13 Asst. Discipline Captain - Girl RAMEEZA RIZWAN
14 Discipline Prefect - Boy ROHAN SHARMA
15 Discipline Prefect - Boy RAUNISH SINGHAL
16 Discipline Prefect - Girl ANAHITA GUPTA
17 Cultural Captain - Boy DEBASHISH SAXENA
18 Cultural Captain - Girl HANNAH DHAWAN
19 Cultural Vice-Captain - Boy ANVAY GUPTA
20 Cultural Vice-Captain - Girl PRISHA AGARWAL
21 Cultural Assistant Captain URJA JAIN / AALIYA MALIK / MANHA JAMEEL
22 Jasmine House Captain RAGHAVI AGARWAL
23 Jasmine House Vice-Captain DHRUV AGARWAL
24 Jasmine House Asst. Captain DEVASYA SARAN
25 Marigold House Captain SUHANI SAXENA
26 Marigold House Vice-Captain NAKSHATRA AGARWAL
27 Marigold House Asst. Captain AAHAN GUPTA
28 Pansy House Captain DAKSH GUPTA
29 Pansy House Vice-Captain FAREEZA BATOOL
30 Pansy House Asst. Captain MEHAK SHARMA
31 Tulip House Captain ANUKRITI KAPOOR
32 Tulip House Vice-Captain RIDHIMA SHARMA
33 Tulip House Asst. Captain SPRIHA AGARWAL
34 Editorial Captain - Girl BHUMIKA TYAGI
35 Vice – Editorial Captain SIDDHI RAWAL
36 Asst. Editorial Captain ANJINI MATHUR
37 Editorial Member MADHAVYA GUPTA
38 Editorial Member MAHI BANSAL
39 Editorial Member MISHTY AGARWAL
40 Editorial Member SAMRIDHI BHUTANI
41 Editorial Member YAKSHA MAAN
42 Editorial Member SHIVIKA AGARWAL