Model United Nations, popularly referred to as MUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations and its various organs. In these creative simulations, participants take up role of International diplomats and representatives of countries in various UN bodies including UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, Security Council among others.

The intense discussions, informed deliberations and unyielding negotiations culminate in many structured resolutions being voted upon by the participants employing the same procedures and protocols as the United Nations itself. The aim of MUN is to develop universally accepted proposals to solve some of the pressing global issues like poverty, health, energy and education, wildlife conservation, Climatic change, imbalanced trade. Students shape the foreign policy of their countries, lobby their ideas, draft resolutions addressing various topics, and deliver speeches standing in the shoes of the highest ranking diplomat of their country. These resolutions are forwarded to UN as youth opinion for active consideration for its own functioning and planning purposes.

Our participation in International Conferences has provided a holistic learning experience to our students and improved them professionally and personally. This intense and dynamic MUN experience additionally stitches together with complimenting educational journeys to explore various countries in a unique way.  The visit was customized to include travel based learning through historic trails, workshops, art and museums. Out visit to the Capitol (Parliament) of USA at Washington, witnessing the proceedings of the Senate House, exploring Abraham Lincoln’s Memorial, saluting our flag at the Head Quarters of UN at New York, being a part of the Trusteeship Council of UN, visit to Empire State Building and World Trade Centre-Ground Zero, were some of the cherished life long memories. All this along with lots of fun, entertaining shows, musicals, shopping and immersion into local cuisines were packed in to give our students a quintessential experience for life time.

To list a few MUN’s where CLGIANS not only participated but excelled with a tag of Best Delegate, high recommendation titles.

Domestic Participation for MUN

  • MUN – Indore
  • ILMUNC – New Delhi
  • MUN – New Delhi
  • HMUN – Hyderabad (Harvard Model United Nations)
  • MUN – Indore
  • MUN – First ones to host in free entry – Moradabad (Year 2017)
  • IIMUN – Ambey Valley
  • MUN – Gwalior at ScindiaKanyaVidhyalaya
  • IIMUN – Mumbai at Taj Palace
  • Indian Internation Model United Nations in collaboration with Ivy League – University of Pennsylvania - Year 2016.
  • Indian Internation Model United Nations (IIMUN) in collaborations with UNO at the Head Quarters (New York – USA) – Year 2017.
  • OGMUN – Chapter Conference at Oxford University (U.K.) – Year 2018.
  • IIMUN – Chapter conference at New York – USA.