Abhyudaya (Sports Day)

The focus of coaching at C L Gupta World School is not just to win but to use sports to reinforce the school's core values of respect, honesty, determination, compassion, and fun.

Sports play an integral role in the growth, development, and education of each child at C L Gupta World School. Coaches at the school do not only help their players to understand and compete in their chosen sport, but also serve as teachers who help their students gain as much as possible from individual and team competition. The school sports are not disassociated from the educational benefits of competition as it is related to successes and failures, particularly on the varsity level.

Sports serve a number of purposes and promote group cooperation, socialization, self-confidence, school spirit, and play, as well as good physical, mental, and emotional health, all of which are essential components of a child’s development. The schoolsportsprogram ‘Sports Day’ emphasizes fair play (sportsmanship), integrity, and effort through student participation. Both the satisfaction of scoring a goal and the disappointment of a missed play offer important lessons about life to our students.With the coaches' guidance, value development is also stressed.

At C L Gupta World School, we believe that students must learn the importance of pacing themselves and developing the proper balance between their academic, sports and community responsibilities.