At the end of the day, a parent wishes that his or her children remain happy and also that the purpose of their going to a school is fulfilled.
CLGWS indeed, fulfills these parameters as when I look at my kids when they return home are happy, safe and well adapted to the process of learning, what else can I ask for?
Over here, I have found the atmosphere very congenial as there is a special kind of bonding between the students and teachers which is very much suited for wholesome development of students' personality. A well-planned curriculum incorporated with adaptive activities oriented towards the growth of students is carried out well all through the academic year. 
I have seen my children growing in confidence both in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. Much appreciated efforts by CLGWS as a whole!

CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

Ms. Shashi Jain
Parent of Parent of Sneh Franco John (Class: IV B) and Adit Chris John (Class: Nursery Lotus).

CLGW School not only focuses on improving my ward’s areas of need but also puts a huge emphasis on bolstering his individual strengths. My child has grown in a way that he never would have at another school due to excellent individualized and warm environment. The teachers are highly educated, thoughtful and nurturing. They provide rigorous, academic challenges as well as tools and strategies needed to meet those challenges. Iam so pleased and satisfied.

CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

Dr. ParvatiShailat
Parent of Aarvi Shailat and Aarav Shaialt.

As an educator and parent, my husband and I are so very pleased with CLGWS methods of teaching. We are truly delighted with how our son is embraced, nurtured, and supported by the staff and teachers. CLGWS has taught my son to be independent, fearless, loyal and truthful. Our son is excited to go to school and learn new things each day.The school offers kids a safe place to take risks and develop their strengths and weaknesses. Each child is viewed as unique. They are taught to view themselves and their classmates as valuable contributors within the CLGWS community. We are so pleased with the balance of academic practices accompanied by desirable activities like music, yoga, French, swimming, robotics, dance, science and computer classes.The functioning of the school has been well balanced by the Principal. She makes school feel like home. We are filled with heartfelt indebtedness for being the spark igniting the minds of young scholars.

CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

Swati Tandon
Parent of Prakhyat Tandon.

Aadya, my daughter, is studying in CL GUPTA WORLD SCHOOL since last year. As a student of form Prep, initially she had difficulty to adapt but just in a few days she gelled so well with the school and teachers. Presently, she is very eager to come to school. She enjoys academic classes, apart from this, she also likes to attend yoga, dance, art and music classes.  Recently,swimming has been reintroduced, so it’s one of her favourite activity. She has improved in English speaking and reading skill too. She has gained confidence in presenting herself on the stage as well. She enjoys few dishes of the mess and wants me to try it at home. A part from her main subject teachers, she shares her bond with other teachers as well. Every day after her school, she has to stay in the infirmary because of me, and its her best time for interacting with other students and staff. My special thanks to the management of CLGWS and Principal Ma’am who is always there to help and support both of us.

Thank you

Warm regards

CL Gupta World School, Moradabad

Shwetha Aniket Garg
Parent of Aadya Agarwal class 1 E.