Dear Parents, 

This is for all those students who are absent today. I do not see any reason why the children are absent today . All teachers are present today be it anybody. There was a Teachers day celebration yesterday for the teachers and with the children the teachers were also there for the celebration but no teacher has taken a leave as the children were supposed to come to school today. This seems to have become a very casual approach from parents as well as the students side. An Institution can not run without rules and norms. Therefore I will not allow these children to attend the classes from 8th September Unless the Parents come and meet me. We have to take the regularity as a serious matter in school . Children cant be sitting at home as and when they feel like . If the parents cooperate with them in this then I do not know how we will be able to support the children in their studies or otherwise. 

I have been writing about the frequent absenteism since quite sometime but I can see that apart from the students the parents are also being extremely casual about it . This is a serious condition which has to be looked into . 

All the students in the attached list will be allowed to attend the classes from 8th only after I have met the parents regarding the same.

Thnaks and regards