Dear Parents,

It is with deep dissapointment that I write this notification for you . Its regarding the frequent absenteism of class XII students.

Everyday we find at least 15 to 20 students absent from the school since last week . There has been no change in the Time Table schedule .

Classes are being held on a regualr basis. Today there are 27 students absent  . There has been frequent absenteism observed for the same students.

Ony 11 students parents have informed us regarding their absence and the reason for their  absence. Rest all are just sitting at home and  neither the parents nor the children feel that there should be an intimation to the school regarding the absence . This shows the respect and commitment towards your school . 

There is a procedure to be followed in an Institution . It is sad that when there is any error whatsoever made from the schools side parents do make a big hue and cry about it . What should the School say now ?. Please do not take the School for granted . It is mandatory to follow the rules and regulations of school. In the absence of which school is liable to take action as per the norms .

Each parent and child is aware of the requirement of 75% attendance to appear for the Board Examination .

All those who are absent are mostly having leass than 75% attendance . Dont you think that this casual attitude is not going to help either the child or the school .

As it is, we are having a break of FIVE complete days . 

I may not be able to permit the children for regular classes from 31st August,2023 for all those who have not submitted an application.

No application  will be taken into consideration after I have posted this notification.

I would first like to meet the parent and the child before granting permission for the same.

Thanks and regards